We are getting into craft fair season here in Northern Alberta, and I love meeting my customers face to face.

BUT, and it’s a big BUT, I always seem to run into people who dismiss what we as jewelry makers do as “anyone can make those, I have a cousin (sister, aunt, etc.) who makes jewelry” and it hurts to have my work dismissed.  Work I have put a lot more of my heart, soul and time into than just showing up to a 9-5 desk job everyday for the most part.

I am in no way disparaging those of you who work in an office environment, but most will agree that the vast majority of those jobs are routine and boring.  If yours isn’t, then you are one of the lucky ones!

Anyway, I just thought I would share an awesome video that I found on Youtube that shows, step by step, the work involved in a simple boho copper and stone ring.

Now you know why we have to charge more than Walmart for our work!  Enjoy the video and next time you are at a craft show, take a closer look at the time and care put into each and every piece!


Electroformed Rings From luxdivine on Etsy

Youtube Video of Electroforming Rings