Water Is Life, Right?

Many don’t realize it, because in our humble Canadian way we don’t really promote it, but we have our own “Standing Rock” activists equivalent and our own #NODAPL right here in Alberta.

The group is call the “Keepers Of The Athabasca” and their mission, to quote, is

“To unite the peoples of the Athabasca River and Lake Watershed to secure and protect water and watershed lands for ecological, social, cultural and community health and well being”

This watershed is directly impacted by the Alberta oilsands projects, and it is showing the effects of cumulative pollution.  My own husband and his ancestors once made their living by trapping and commercial fishing Lake Athabasca in northern Alberta, and have seen first hand the changes since first the Bennett Dam and then the oil sands production have wreaked upon their traditional way of life.  Here is an except from my husbands book “Outrunning The Wind” in which he talks about his life as a young Metis boy living on the trapline:

“It is unfortunate that today the Athabasca Delta has been destroyed by the effects of the Bennett Dam in British Columbia, and also, to some degree from industrial pollution from southern oil sands operators.  Trappers who years ago drank the waters from the Athabasca river and lake now must buy bottled water distilled in France.  As they say “water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink”.  How true this saying is for the trappers and residents of the Athabasca Delta.”

This is my brother-in-law, Ray Ladouceur speaking with the Edmonton Journal regarding how this has impacted the area downstream from the Alberta oilsands:

My newest jewelry collection “Water is Life” will be available April 1st, 2017 featuring pieces that fit every budget from simple wooden pieces to Malachite, pearls and diamonds, with turtles being the focal of each piece.

10% of all sales from this collection will be donated to the Keepers of the Athabasca to help support the important work they do and bring attention to what is happening in our own backyard!

You can find out more about the Keepers Of The Athabasca and their sister groups by visiting their website here:  Keepers Of The Athabasca


International Day Of Charities (Why I Give)

Today is International Day of Charities – Every year, charities all over the world help to save and improve people’s lives, fighting disease, protecting children, and giving hope to many thousands of people. To honour the important work that these many charities do, in 2012 the United Nations decided to nominate an annual International Day of Charity as an official day of recognition and celebration. The reason the date was chosen is because it is the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. This choice commemorates the tireless work that Mother Teresa did by devoting her whole life to charity work.  Mother Teresa was canonized yesterday, Sunday, September 4th in a very moving ceremony at the Vatican.

I am very fortunate to be born and raised in one of the best countries in the world – Canada – and I believe that our purpose here on earth is to make things better for those less fortunate whenever we can – even if it’s in small ways – small drops of water eventually create an ocean!

Here are links to my 4 favourite charities – not only do I support them personally, but I also donate 10% from all sales in my Etsy shop Blue World Treasures to these 4 charities at year end – splitting the proceeds 4 ways equally as they all are in equal need of support.

  1.  Because I believe Health Care is an undeniable Human Right, Doctors Without Borders is my #1 cause.
  2. Without our beautiful planet Earth, none of us would be alive, so my #2 cause is Greenpeace
  3. Our world is not only OUR home, but that of many, many other species, some of whom we lose EVERY day!  That’s why The World Wildlife Fund is my 3rd favourite cause.
  4. Finally, I believe that we ALL have the right to a productive and dignified life, where we can provide for our families through our own hard work.  That’s why I believe in the work KIVA is doing.  They provide micro loans to people who are just looking for a hand up out of poverty, not a hand out.  I have personally made loans to 90 small business owners in 37 different countries, most of whom were women looking to provide a better living and education for their families.

Even if you are not interested in my 4 pet charities, I urge you to take a look at other ways to help your community, your country and your planet.  Remember, we’re all in this together, and Planet Earth is the only home we have.


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