Happy New Year!!

January is a month of promise, of new beginnings and of renewals of your jewelry wardrobe as well.

Garnet is the traditional January birthstone and is also the traditional 2nd anniversary gemstone.

Garnet is believed to get its name from Latin for “seed” (granate) due to red garnet’s similarity to a pomegranate seed.


Garnet is associated primarily with the root chakra, but also with the heart chakra.  It is used to balance, purify, align and remove negative energy from all the chakras and aura.

Here are some beautiful ancient pieces all from the Greek and Etruscan periods:


If you would like me to create you a custom piece of jewelry, please contact me to discuss it.  Meanwhile, here is a link to one of my pair of garnet and gold earrings – also perfect for Valentines day gifts, hint, hint!

Extra Long Garnet & Gold Shoulder-duster Earrings